Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fell In Love With The Girl At The Rock Show

Today I woke up with that not-so-fresh feeling -- I was awakened by the realization that time keeps progressing. The clock keeps ticking. I was warned this would happened. Like sand through the hour glass. So are the days of our lives. You are reading this blog and thinking, what's a psych major like me doing in a place like this? Well I'm thinking about getting a bowel of cereal. I just spent liek so long in bed just reflecting upon my life, it's ups and downs, what I want to eat next. While contemplating a bowl of Cheerios (they sometimes call them "TOASTED OATS" here... This is funny to me because I always thought Cheerios were FRIED BREAD (fried?fired?) I imagined reading the dictionary. I thought of the harsh struggel through the pages, the letters ornamented in Times new Ramen font, it is just so foreign to me. Like my mind is in a foreign place.. Anyway. Sometimes when I try and look at the box I imagine what it would be like to eat whats inside. Right now In my hostel I am eating them. Tasting what they have to offer. So that the memory will not evaporate into the thin air. I talked to one of my American neighbors who feeds the local street cats (they call them "strays"). she recommended an exotic locale called "Orchard Park", just down the street from our townhostel. Even though its called a "PARK" it's still like a "GARDEN" but not in someones backyard, FOR EVERYONE! I enjoyed tossing a quiet frisbee in the comfart of the afternoon sun with my friends Elizabeth Damien Tom and Mike! of course even though he's my boyfriend he's still my friend.. with benefits! (they call it a "relationship" here!). As dusk arrived, the sun drifted into the horizon like a still dragon and we were left to unravel the gift the sun gave us: night (sometimes called "evening")!