Tuesday, February 12, 2013


"This shit is garbage."
- Tom Willis

UH OH. Tom got mad because 'Conversations With Connie' hit too close to home. Or maybe it was that he was not involved. In any case, we lost control of our blog because Tom hacked into it. He blocked me on Facebook for the second (third?) time shortly after that. I did some damage control. Now we don't have to worry about arbitrary parentheses, or any sorts of posts like these.

Elizabeth and I gave our blog a breath of life since it was last updated August 31, 2011. In turn, we gained plenty of positive feedback, including roughly 20 Facebook 'likes' and 300+ pageviews. We had no other choice but to start a new blog. 

Welcome readers, and always remember:

"There is nothing wrong with being glib and white"
- Emily Crossen

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